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Discontinued Nikko Patterns N - Q

Accidents happen and when a piece of your favorite Nikko china or dinnerware breaks, it can be frustrating trying to find a replacement when you discover that your pattern has been discontinued. To help you with your search for replacement or additional pieces for your Nikko collection, here are the patterns that start with F through G. Just bookmark the page for your pattern, and check back once a week for new listings to add to your collection.

Nikko Napa Valley
Napa Valley
Nikko Newport
Nikko Normandie
Nikko Normandy
Nikko Nuance
Nikko Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive
Nikko Olympus
Nikko Orange Blossoms
Orange Blossoms
Nikko Orbit
Nikko Orchard
Nikko Oriental Garden
Oriental Garden
Nikko Palazzo
Nikko Pansies
Nikko Pansy
Nikko Paradise
Nikko Paramount
Nikko Pavilion
Nikko Peach
Nikko Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom
Nikko Peachglow
Nikko Pearl
Nikko Perfection
Nikko Pink Cherry
Pink Cherry
Nikko Pink Lady
Pink Lady
Nikko Pink Peony
Pink Peony
Nikko Plantation
Nikko Pleasantdale
Nikko Plum
Nikko Polka Dot
Polka Dot
Nikko Potter's Wheel
Potter's Wheel
Nikko Prairie Blossoms
Prairie Blossoms
Nikko Praline
Nikko Precious
Nikko Promenade

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It is a very good cookbook and I have yet to find a recipe that didn't turn out as it was supposed to.—Norm Peterson, Arizona
My hubby keeps looking in the cookbook, and asks "when will you cook this recipe?"—Lori Hamby, Florida

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Microwave Safe Nikko
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Nordic Ware Microwave Plate Cover
Nordic Ware Microwave Plate Cover
— Concentrates heat around food and protects microwave oven against splattering!

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