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Sasaki Dinnerware

Sasaki Dinnerware

Founded in Tokyo in 1902, Sasaki had a long history of creating art using the primary mediums of ceramic and glass. Now an American brand, Sasaki remained firmly rooted in Japanese sensibility, taking its inspiration from nature. This inspiration results in natural, organic shapes and clean lines evident in all of the company's dinnerware collections. Although Sasaki dinnerware continued to grow, consumers were long-time supporters of the company's glass pieces, manufactured by Art Glass. Handcrafted in Asia and Eastern Europe, each unique Art Glass piece is a one-of-kind original. Subtle shape and color variations are part of the beauty that enhances the value of the art glass collection. Together the dinnerware and glassware designs created the drama and sophistication that is inherently Sasaki.

Steeped in the centuries-old traditions of Japanese ceramic arts, Sasaki tableware is synonymous with the finest, most artistic design schools of modern Asia. Sophisticated simplicity in stoneware, glassware, stainless steel and home décor, Sasaki defines refined, contemporary living. Many of the Sasaki tableware collections from the 1990s were designed by Erica Friedman, Lauren Horwitz, Andrée Putman, Jay Spectre, Paula Zanger and others.

Sasaki was acquired in 2005 by Lifetime Brands, which also owns Mikasa and Pfaltzgraff. Currently, there are no active dinnerware patterns in the Sasaki line. If you arrived here looking for to identify or replace pieces for your discontinued Sasaki pattern, we have set up a catalog of most of the patterns with links to available items online that were created under the Sasaki brand name.

Sasaki Discontinued Patterns

Accidents happen and when a piece of your favorite Sasaki dinnerware breaks, it can be frustrating trying to find a replacement when you discover that your pattern has been discontinued. To help you with your search for replacement or additional pieces for your Sasaki collection, we have created this catalog of the discontinued Sasaki patterns. Just bookmark the page for your pattern, and check back once a week for new listings to add to your collection.

There are a lot of Sasaki patterns. Did we miss yours? We'll be happy to create a page for your pattern. Just post your request at our Facebook Page or Google+ Page.

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