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Microwave Turtle Cake


  • 1 pkg. chocolate cake mix, dry

  • 1 cup sour cream

  • 1 cup water

  • 3 eggs

  • cup pecans

  • cup caramel topping

Tupperware Mix-N-Stor Plus Pitcher
Tupperware Mix-N-Stor Plus Pitcher
1. Combine cake mix, sour cream, water and eggs in the Tupperware Mix-N-Stor Plus Pitcher and mix well.
2. Use the Tupperware Chopper Machine to chop pecans, and sprinkle on bottom of TupperWave 3-Quart Casserole with Cone.
3. Pour cake batter over pecans. Top with caramel topping in a circle pattern (don't touch side of casserole dish).
4. Microwave 9 minutes (_____) at 70% power. Then microwave 7 minutes (_____) at 100% power. Let stand for 10 minutes.
5. Place the TupperWave Cover on the Casserole and invert. The cake will fall into the cover and be ready to serve.
Variation: Add chocolate chips to batter.

NOTE: Cooking times are for a 700-watt oven. For best results with this or any other microwave recipe, please be sure to go to the Timing Section of Microwaving Tips for a complete explanation of timing in the microwave.

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It is a very good cookbook and I have yet to find a recipe that didn't turn out as it was supposed to.—Norm Peterson, Arizona
My hubby keeps looking in the cookbook, and asks "when will you cook this recipe?"—Lori Hamby, Florida

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