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Corelle Hearthstone Dinnerware

Corelle Hearthstone Dinnerware

For more than three decades, Corelle products have epitomized the definition of durability and quality. Hearthstone, introduced by Corelle in 2005 and discontinued in 2010, was made of stoneware and created oversized for a contemporary lifestyle. The colors were designed to mix and match, so there was no wrong combination. Hearthstone's unique shapes and bold colors are certain to liven up any dinner party or an evening at home with the family.

As Corelle Hearthstone is no longer manufactured, we provide these pages of all the patterns produced in the line to assist you in finding replacement or additional pieces for your existing collection.

Corelle Hearthstone Crackle Collection

The Hearthstone Crackle collection features coordinating colors with a crackle finish against a rich chocolate brown backing. Microwave and dishwasher safe. All patterns have been discontinued.

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Corelle Hearthstone Nature Collection

Inspired by nature, the Hearthstone Nature collection reflects the subtle brilliance of nature's palettes in blues, greens and greys. The colors and patterns complement each other wonderfully. Choose Bluetopia, Floral Serenity, Eco Honesty or Shale, each color mixes with another in the collection or stands alone beautifully. Have fun mixing it up and enjoy a completely fresh dining experience with the bold, contemporary square shape. All patterns have been discontinued.

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Corelle Hearthstone Spice Alley Collection

The Corelle Hearthstone Spice Alley Collection offers rich hues reminiscent of spice markets in distant lands, exotic and bold — perfect to shake things up and add a little pizzazz. Each color is beautiful alone or mixed together with other Spice Alley collection colors. With classic round shapes, oversized contemporary squares, heavier than traditional Corelle, and colors that have been designed to work together, you can feel confidant to mix it up, have a little fun and add some spice to your dinner table. All patterns have been discontinued.

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