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Debbie Mumm loves the thrill of creating new artwork and is committed to seeing her art translated into beautiful, high quality finished products. Besides characters and scenes, Debbie designs patterns, textures, and borders so that her artwork can be used in a broad range of products. Debbie keeps up with contemporary trends by introducing new color palettes and fresh new ideas with each art collection.

Debbie's goals in life are simple — have fun; laugh a lot every day; be kind and respectful to everyone. Debbie strongly believes that corporate values begin at the top and her example and dedication to her team inspires affection, loyalty, and high output by the talented staff. It is this mutual dedication that gives Debbie and her company the abilities that have secured her position atop the world's stationery, home decorating, and quilting markets.

Debbie's story could be lifted from a textbook for success. Start small, find a niche, and promote yourself. Study the market and connect with everyone from the manufacturer to the consumer. Then, throw in all the things Debbie does best — creating wonderful designs, following each design from concept to final production, and making sure each product fits her vision and high standards of quality.

The author of more than fifty books on quilting and home decorating, Debbie began her business as a quilt designer. She soon branched out to fabric design in partnership with a fabric manufacturer. That partnership was the first of many agreements with companies that loved her designs and recognized the huge marketing potential of combining Debbie's art with their products. Today, more than thirty companies have licensing agreements with Debbie Mumm, Inc. Her designs can be seen on everything from dinnerware to stationery and fabric to greeting cards

"People often ask me how I maintain energy and enthusiasm for my business," Debbie says. "I'm energized by fresh ideas, new product concepts, and business opportunities. Pooling the creativity and talents of a whole team and knowing that I am backed by them makes each jam-packed day very fun. And, of course, success and feedback from the marketplace keep me excited and moving forward."

"I get a great deal of satisfaction out of being very productive, while at the same time it's important to me to laugh and have fun with my staff and my business partners," she said. "I have a very strong sense that what we are doing together is a very wonderful thing."

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