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Johnson Brothers
Johnson Brothers Dinnerware

Johnson Brothers Dinnerware

Johnson Brothers is committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship and to constant technological innovations, to ensure the continual production of attractive, durable patterns, which will suit a wide variety of tastes, occasions and lifestyles. New patterns and shapes are introduced each year to reflect changes in lifestyle and to ensure constant appeal for contemporary tastes.

The Current Johnson Brothers Patterns

The following patterns are considered current Johnson Brothers patterns. If you do not see your favorite pattern listed here, visit the Discontinued & Current Patterns section for a catalog of all Johnson Brothers patterns that we have identified.

The History of Johnson Brothers

Originally a family business, Johnson Brothers was founded in 1883 when Fredrick and Alfred Johnson — grandsons of a master potter — decided to go into business together. Located in Staffordshire, the brothers purchased The Charles Street Works factory at a bankruptcy sale. Grandsons of the famous Meakin dinnerware lineage, the brothers shared a heritage in the production of fine dinnerware. The business soon established a reputation for innovation and practicality, producing simple, lightweight tableware in durable earthenware.

The early 20th century heralded growth of both a personal and professional kind, when sons of the partners joined to help them run the family business. However, the Great War brought Johnson Brothers to a halt. It was not too long before it re-gathered its energies: new patterns and shapes were introduced, alongside innovative, under-glazed print patterns. Production innovations followed too including the installation of gas-fired tunnel kilns to replace coal-fired "bottle" ovens in the late 1940s.

By the late 1950s, Johnson Brothers had become a substantial presence in the tableware industry. The company's dedication to providing high quality earned recognition of a high order, with the granting of two royal warrants, from HM The Queen and HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The company's success also attracted the attention of Wedgwood and in 1968, Johnson Brothers joined the Wedgwood Group, to form one of the largest tableware manufacturers in the world. Then, as now, the principal aim was to produce the best quality tableware of unmatched versatility and design. The aim was successfully achieved by continuing to expand their skill base and knowledge over the decades.

In the course of a century, Johnson Brothers has forged a proud reputation as one of the world's leading providers of tableware to suit a variety of tastes, offering excellent value. It is a reputation founded on a commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship and to continual innovation in technology and design. The proud reputation of Johnson Brothers remains as strong today as it was during the 1800s. To learn more about the history of Johnson Brothers, read Johnson Brothers: Classic English Dinnerware by Dale Frederiksen and Bob Page.


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