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A kitchen staple for over 100 years, Pyrex is as relevant today as it was when it was first developed. The durable high-temperature material was used for railroad signal lanterns and was a natural for high-performance bakeware. Today, its strong consumer appeal is backed up by a continuous stream of new products, colors, shapes and designs.

The Pyrex brand story starts with equal parts of American invention and creativity. The heat-tempered glass that is the foundation of the Pyrex brand was created years earlier by Corning Glass scientists charged with developing lantern glass for railroads. They needed a glass that could handle changes in temperature.

By 1913, the glass was used in a number of industrial applications. But it found its way into the kitchen when Bessie Littleton, wife of a Corning scientist, asked her husband to bring home some glass to use in place of a broken casserole dish. He gave her the sawed-off bottoms of some battery jars.

A cake was baked, an iconic brand was born and, as they say, the rest was history. Pyrex glassware is proudly made in the USA, and has been used by generations of cooks and bakers from coast to coast.

As microwaves have become more popular in homes around the world, Pyrex has consistently produced utensils that are safe for the microwave, as well as providing the versatility of being able to be used in your conventional oven and store food in your refrigerator. Pyrex is durable, transparent for easy monitoring of baking progress and provides good heat conduction for even, consistent baking. In addition, Pyrex glassware is non-porous, so it won't absorb food odors, food flavors or food stains.

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Discontinued Pyrex Glassware Collections

Accidents happen and when a piece of your favorite Pyrex breaks, it can be frustrating trying to find a replacement when you discover that it has been discontinued. To help you with your search for replacement or additional pieces for your Pyrex collection, we offer the following pages. Just bookmark the page for your collection, and check back once a week for new listings.


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