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Buttercup by Spode
Buttercup by Spode

Buttercup by Spode

The earliest record of Buttercup is a hand-painted on bone china in 1885. It is thought to have been designed by Francis Xavier Abrahams, who worked at Copelands between 1882 and 1902 and was for a short time Art Director. Following the engraving of a copper plate for printing, Buttercup appeared in its popular form on earthenware and on the Chelsea Wicker shape. A different version known as Mandalay was produced in reds and browns, while Primose featured blues. The pattern was also produced using the name Wicker Dell from 1962 to 1964.

Spode Buttercup is no longer produced. If you need replacement or additional pieces for your collection of Spode Buttercup, monitor this page on a weekly basis for new listings.

If the item you are looking for is not listed, then bookmark this page and check back each week!
Eventually, your item should show up for sale.

When it comes to finding Spode that is difficult to find in stores near you, one of your best resources for acquiring the items you want are sites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay, where there are a lot of wonderful finds still in the original boxes. We all receive those odd items as gifts that we have no need for and never use. Yet, one person's junk could be exactly the treasure you want.

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Please Note: Not all Spode is safe for use in the microwave. Patterns with gold or platinum decorations around the rim should not be used in your microwave because microwaves can not pass through metal. If in doubt, use this simple test: Is this Utensil Safe for the Microwave?


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