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Since 1970, Corelle has epitomized the definition of durability and quality. Corelle revolutionized the dinnerware industry with its original chip- and break-resistant dinnerware, changing the way people viewed place settings by offering the world an attractive glass dinnerware option that was as stylish as it was functional. Today, Corelle is a recognized name in dinnerware and approximately half of all households in the U.S. have a set of Corelle dishes in their home. I've had my set of Corelle Blue Heather dinnerware for over 30 years. They don't even make this pattern any more. It really does last forever and looks as good now as the day I received it as a gift from my parents.

Corelle Dinnerware's unique lamination process — compressing two different glass compositions — results in a product that is far stronger than any other dinnerware. Because of this process, Corelle has the added versatility of being suitable for reheating in your microwave oven. And with their ergonomic, lightweight design, Corelle dishes and bowls stack easily, conserving valuable kitchen space. In addition to its exceptional durability and design, Corelle products offer an array of fashionable patterns and coordinates — including country, contemporary and traditional styles.

Over the years, Corelle has added new lines of dinnerware. In 2003, Corelle introduced a heavier, more substantial dinnerware line with the feel of stoneware. Initially this line was called Corelle Luxe, but was subsequently renamed Corelle Ultra. (Some websites have also referred to this line as Corelle Infinia.) On August 4, 2008, Corelle discontinued manufacturing the Ultra line.

In 2005, Corelle introduced Corelle Hearthstone, made of stoneware and created oversized for today's contemporary lifestyle. The colors are designed to mix and match, so there is no wrong combination. Hearthstone's unique shapes and bold colors are certain to liven up any dinner party or an evening at home with the family. The Hearthstone line was discontinued in 2010.

The Current Corelle Patterns

There are quite a number of current Corelle patterns at any given time. We provide thumbnail pictures of the dinner plate so you can see what the pattern looks like if you're not sure what the name of a pattern is. Pictures slow down the loading of pages in your browser, so we have divided the current Corelle patterns into three sections.

If you do not see your favorite pattern listed, visit the Discontinued & Current Corelle Patterns section for a catalog of all Corelle patterns that we have identified. Some patterns have different design motifs on the luncheon and bread & butter plates. If you're trying to identify a pattern, and don't don't see it, check patterns with similar color schemes to compare your plate to the additional plates in the pattern. For example, the Blue Velvet dinner plate features blue roses around the rim of the plate, but the bread & butter plate features a bouquet of blue roses in the center of the plate. The Corelle Holiday Patterns have been itemized on an separate page. Visit the Use & Care page for information on taking care of your Corelle dinnerware.

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Corelle Product Lines

Corelle divides its patterns into several product lines or segments, adding or retiring a product line from time to time. Previous product lines have included Expressions, Traditions Livingware, Summer Impressions, CornerStone, Design Images, Natural Images, and Occasions. The one product line that has always endured is Livingware. Each link below takes you to a page for that current product line with a list of the patterns currently being manufactured within that segment.

  • Boutique — Introduced in 2013, the Boutique embossed dinnerware collections delivers subtle sophistication paired with Corelle's exclusive, durable Vitrelle glass. The line is break and chip-resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe, lightweight, easily stackable and stylish. In 2014, Corelle expanded the segment to include colorful patterns that are not embossed.
  • Impressions — With traditional designs incorporating flowers, fruits and nature, this line is perfect for those who appreciate the simple things in life. If you have a country kitchen motif or an artistic eye, you will adore this lovely dinnerware.
  • Lifestyles — Designed to fit the way you live every day. Corelle's durable glass dinnerware is tough enough to withstand whatever you dish out — whether you're dining inside or outside! This modern design dinnerware comes in a variety of high-style patterns so that your table will always look elegant. The Lifestyles segment was retired in 2010, but brought back at the end of 2012 with the introduction of the Garden Paradise pattern.
  • Livingware — Functional, stylish and always ready for a dinner party, Corelle Livingware dishes epitomize the definition of versatility. Livingware is strong enough to take whatever you can dish out, yet is delicate enough to be part of an elegant table setting. It's the all-in-one dinnerware that can go from family supper to formal dinner party – without having to change first!
  • Market Street New York — Launched in Fall 2016, Market Street New York is a sophisticated collection of dinnerware patterns from Corelle that brings to life the historic charm and refined taste of Market Street in Corning, New York. Made with the superior quality and craftsmanship that Market Street is known for, it makes everyday dining special and gives you the confidence to welcome friends and family, setting the stage for meaningful connections.
  • Square — In 2006 Corelle added a segment of square dinnerware designed by renowned London design firm Studio Levien. The square dinnerware is created using a hub lamination process that fuses multiple layers of glass together to create a lightweight, yet durable glassware that is break- and chip-resistant. The result is a beautiful square dinnerware set that is as stylish as it is functional. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle. It also allows the dishes to stack neatly to conserve space. The circular impression in the center of each plate makes it easy to serve up dinner, while allowing your guests to enjoy the fashion-forward design.
  • Vive — New to the Corelle family, Vive was introduced in 2009, and is inspired by the latest trends in fashion and home décor. These fresh, bold patterns on wide rim plates accompanied with a solid mug bring a modern, updated look to your table setting. Express your personal style with a new dinnerware design that has the smarts and savvy to take what you dish out and still impress your most scrutinizing dinner guest.
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